As the current trend of renovating suggests, UTV is rebranding itself giving it a fresh and new outlook. UTV which has existed for 20 years since TV programming was in its infancy has shed its old corporate look and given the whole brand into a new look and feel. The new UTV identity will be seen across channels, films, content, the gaming website (, the UTV website and the mobile applications. UTV has invested about 3.5 crore in its re-branding exercise and would be reaching about 126 million urban consumers through its 4 TV channels. The concept of re-branding in media is not new but the need to carry the legacy forward has become a challenge. K.J.Singh, Evolve Brands, says “The UTV re-branding will work provided they will show that they are starting a different trend all together.” UTV’s overall brand evaluation will continue and their singular identity will now diversify into their every new media business. “It will probably be tough for the new logo to establish because they fight against the equity of their own but fortunately for UTV they are a media brand and the ability to be out in media space is very large, it’s not a product brand which doesn’t have the Media reach but if UTV keeps its branding done continuously through its various media formats it will work out for them. It’s about achieving a visual imagery for the brand which is contemporary, which is about the space, about the media they operate,” comments brand analyst and consultant Harish Bijoor.
Sanchit Verma

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11/08/2011 5:08am

UTV Entertainment Television, broadcasting arm of UTV, is to launch a Bollywood entertainment channel in mid-August. To be called UTV Stars and targeted primarily at the Hindi-speaking market, it will be a paid channel, confirmed company officials.

11/08/2011 5:11am

Disney offered 1,000 rupees ($22.58) a share to acquire the 49.6 percent stake that it did not already own in UTV Software, which makes movies, operates TV channels and produces video games in India’s fast-growing market.

11/08/2011 5:20am

Hey SRK ,You are the King of universe . Tum ne aaj sabhith kiya hai ,movie to bina herohin se banti hai..
SRK Please do a movie which is completely related to underworld and you are the perfect DON.

11/08/2011 5:21am

Really Shahrukh Khan has done superb job in this movie.It is a lesson for all FOOLS who believes girls are weak and they are good for nothing. I liked its theme a lot as apart from some other films which focus on CRICKET it focuses on our national game HOCKEY. It also teaches the lesson to those INDIAN MUSLIMS who are in the favour of PAKISTAN despite of knowing that their motherland is INDIA.

11/08/2011 5:26am

Here comes the desi version of Forrest Gump – of course, it’s rather inspired than a frame-to-frame copy. However, Shahrukh Khan has put in a honest effort to play a disabled hero to the perfection. Lots of research has been gone in to studying the mannerisms of patients with Asperger Syndrome and Shahrukh Khan has tried his level best to make it a memorable character; and he is indeed a success. Right from his fixed gaze to the uneasy walk, Shahrukh Khan provides a lasting image of Rizwan Khan – the man who says “My name is Khan, but I am not a terrorist”. There is an underlying humor & irony attached with this character and Shahrukh Khan brings it out in an effortless manner which deserves high praise. Instead of making it a character with endless plights, the focus is shifted to the innocence and goodness of that character. Shahrukh Khan is successful in keeping the body language and get up throughout and steals the heart of the audience in his usual easygoing manner.


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