With The new ‘Change the game’ TVCs, Pepsi has Attempted to Attract its TG by showing some out of The Book Tricks. But between the lines, it’s The Practically Proven trick, Cricket that they have Banked Upon
It seems as if cricket has once again started taking it head on with God in terms of omnipresence, at least in India. Amidst the chanting, Pepsi, the official sponsor of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, has unveiled a set of commercials reflecting the unorthodox face of modern cricket, thereby doing justice to their slogan, ‘Change the Game’. In one such ad, you can spot English batsman Kevin Pieterson, helping fruit vendors to put watermelons inside a vehicle, and in the process of learning a new trick – Alti palti, which he puts to use perfectly on the field in the form of reverse sweep. The creative flock behind this interesting TVC is from Taproot India comprising of Agnello Dias, Santosh Padhi, Kaushal Dhokker and Manan Mehta. Prasoon Pandey and Cyrus Pagdiwala of Corcoise Films were in charge of production.

Speaking on their expectations from the campaign, Sandeep Arora, Executive VP – Marketing (Cola), Pepsico India, says, “We expected the campaign to bring out the excitement and passion around the game of cricket during the World Cup. In addition to that, it ought to reflect Brand Pepsi’s distinct point of view on cricket and how it inspires the youth.” Once the brief was clearly stated to the creative agency, comments Agnello Dias, CCO, Taproot India, “It was quite simple to find the out of the box shots developed by popular cricketers. Pietersen was one of the more obvious choices.” Recollecting the memorable moments from the shoot, Dias shares, “The ad was shot in Film City and Pietersen was surprisingly enthusiastic about the idea and very co-operative despite the Film City heat. I remember him giving a ‘go Bangalore’ shout to an onlooker who was wearing a Royal Challengers jersey on the sidelines.” Advanced planning had been very useful to the team

The campaign idea evolved from the simple truth – that the game of cricket, as it began, was a lot different from the game that is played today. It’s time to celebrate the new, vibrant, dynamic face of the sport that is ruling this part of the world, rather than rue the demise of the traditional colonial game that was imported across our shores. The music has been composed by the trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and the catchy jingle ‘Alti-palti de ghuma ke,’ pivotal to the plot of the ad, was born during the jamming sessions between Prasoon Pandey and the musical trio. The idea was to make the words that relate to the shots and catchy to the public eye. Interestingly, the Hindi utterance ‘Samjhe samjhe’ with which Pietersen avers to the directions given by the locals before holding one watermelon, was not a part of the script initially. Apparently, quite a few things were decided on the shooting floor itself, and this was one such idea. Apart from Pieterson’s Alti-palti, the brand has also unveiled for other campaigns that have popularised Dhoni’s Helicoptor Shot, Sehwag’s Upar (Upper) cut, and Bhajji’s Doosra.

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