Primary and secondary education form the building blocks of an individual’s career. And when you apply that to the Indian population, this very education acts as the foundation of our economy. India aspires to become an economic powerhouse over the next few decades. But for this vision to materialise, the Indian education system has to undergo radical restructuring. A student typically studies basic subjects throughout his 12 years in school. Subsequently, a candidate wishing to step into a graduate programme, or even a post graduate one after graduation, typically just follows the flow of things than being able to specifically choose an education area that corresponds to his passion or interests.

In all this hit and trial to make something out of a one’s future, the role of education learning centres is almost something akin to the missing link. In the contemporary education business space, education learning centres not only play out the expected traditional role of providing coaching and guidance in terms of various subjects to enable students to clear national entrance exams in the fields of engineering, management, law, medical studies and others, but these learning centres also provide extremely invaluable guidance to the enrolled students in deciding the course or programme that they should be taking up. This becomes quite relevant as more often than not, the education learning centres are the only forums where students are able to honestly ponder over a match between their competence, interests and future career profile. Without doubt, the faculty appointed by such institutes have been long enough in the business to understand subject specific patterns and generate targeted results. Although highly fragmented and regional in nature, these education learning centers have now started attracting PE/VC funding as well. The fact that they are now diversifying into broader disciplines apart from just mainstream only makes for strengthening the idea of education in India. Below is the list of the Top Five Education Learning Centres which are contributing their bit to find the missing links of the Indian education system:

4Ps B&M, in association with Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR), conducted yet another survey to list the Top 5 Education Learning Centres in the fields of engineering and medicine. The Education Learning Centres were ranked on the basis of study material, mock tests, quality of faculty and their past records. The number of study centres was also taken into consideration for the said study. The peer group at learning centres and the professors on their panel suggested to us their most preferred institutes/learning centre. The top 5 recalled institutes, both in the fields of engineering and medicine, were then collated to arrive at the Top 5 Education Learning Centres in India.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012

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