These platforms and interfaces have always been around us, but in 2012, they’ll probably become the most important marketing tools. Here’s our take on them.

The Linux based operating system from Google is your one stop solution to mobile marketing. Here’s how.
Convergence, as we all know is the future. Instead of watching TV or reading newspapers, consumers are increasingly spending time with the devices they carry around. And to get people to buy your product, you have to be where they are. With 700,000 Android devices being activated everyday as of December 2011 (Andy Rubin, Sr. VP Mobile, Google), every marketer should try and leverage the medium. If you haven’t yet, get hold of developers and figure out what you can do.

Augmented reality (AU)

How you define it is not important, how you leverage it is.
To be honest, if you read the definition, you’ll think it can’t be used as a marketing tool. So to simplify, let’s just say that this technology is a bridge connecting the virtual and real world. This year, AU was used perhaps for the first time in India at the Auto Expo by Mahindra & Mahindra. A cheetah was created which visitors could see on the screen above the displayed XUV. The fun part was that people could also pat the animal. Although the activity had no connection as such with the brand, it did however create brand recall. The technology is nascent in the advertising field, but in 2012, it might just become an integrated part of the advertising mix.


This might not exactly sound like a marketing tool, but then, it is. And an important one at that.
Ever wondered why you get to earn points through apps like Foursquare for just recommending the service to your friends? If you thought that it was just fun, then you better know now that you were part of a gamification process. These technique uses game design in order to increase engagement. Try the The Economist puzzle game on Facebook. Gamification is simple to implement, easy on the pocket and the trade offs are huge. With Gartner predicting that gamification will become as important as Facebook and Twitter for marketers by 2015, it’s worth a try.


Zuckerberg came, everybody saw and Facebook conquered.
When before in your entire career as a marketer did you hear about a car being launched on the Internet? Probably never. But the unimaginable happened in 2011when Ford launched the Explorer on Facebook. CEO Allan Mulally even went on to answer user questions on the Wall. The social network has 800 million active users with 50% logging in on any given day. If you aren’t there, you’re missing a huge opportunity. It’s no more about having a fan page, it’s about constantly interacting with your fans.