Triumph International (TI), the world’s leading lingerie wear brand successfully completed the 3rd Triumph Inspiration Award 2010, its lingerie design contest. Thorsten Allenstein, MD, Triumph International, India & SriLanka shares insights into business in India
According to you, how is the Indian fashion industry different from the global industry?
Indian fashion is influenced by a myriad of cultures and tastes from all parts of the country. The Bollywood industry also contributes to the colours and silhouettes strongly. Local Indian attire has already made it big on the global stage.

Can you tell us something about the growth rate of Triumph in India? What really is your roll out plan for this year? Any plans to enter niche markets within India?
We foresee a tremendous growth in the retail organization where we would like to grow extensively over the rest of the market. You can see exclusive Triumph stores coming up in major malls all around India which will help us contribute better in the retail market and create awareness for brand Triumph in India. Triumph is a 120 years old brand and is very well considered a premium brand in India.

But what competitive advantages do you have in this market comparing with other international lingerie brands in India?
We know the Indian consumer well. We believe in core values of fit, comfort, quality and innovation. We entered the market way earlier then all the other brands currently present in the market. We have our own state-of-the-art technology production centre in India. We follow European fashion trends. We cater to a niche market which most of the [other] brands can neither afford, nor have accessibility to.

Are there any plans to launch a collection by any Indian designer sooner or later? If yes, can you give us a timeline?
The best thing to happen could be to have the national winner here go ahead and win the international contest in London. We will have the Indian design selling all over the world! We are open to innovative ideas and creativity and would like to see designs from all over the world on the stage. It would be our greatest pleasure to see the next international winning piece to be from India.
How oriented is Triumph towards innovations, especially in such a segment as lingerie? Have you thought about introducing innovative products in India?
It is an ongoing process to come up with innovative ideas in countries all over globe. Triumph is present in 120 countries all over the world. We have filed for the maximum number of patents among lingerie brands worldwide.

What is the idea behind including fashion and design students from India in the Triumph Inspiration Awards 2010?
The Triumph Inspiration Awards event is an annual, global design event targeted at young design students across the world. Students are challenged to be creative and have fun while interpreting one special design theme using all their talent, creativity and inspiration. They are asked to create one lingerie showpiece, either a bra and brief set or a one-piece body. All participants compete directly at the national level initially. Winning the national final automatically qualifies the contestants for the international final being held in London this year. Dedicated to finding the most inspiring of lingerie design around the world, TIA interprets a different design theme every year.

Is the award function a step forward to Indianising your products for the Indian subcontinent or are you just trying to promote Indian talent? Really, how will this help showcase Indian talent around the globe?
With the Triumph Inspiration Award, we want to offer the young talent a launching pad for a possible professional career in the lingerie industry. The annual student competition stands under a variety of design mottos and honours creative and innovative submissions from the underwear line. It then enables winners to sell a limited series of their designs at Triumph stores. The commercial version of this design will be available at selected Triumph stores around the world. We are especially pleased to connect with young talent across the globe and especially in emerging markets like India and invite them to discover the exciting world of lingerie for themselves.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2010.

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