Aamir Khan talks about the rising popularity of social networking websites and his marketing mantra with 4Ps B&M
Do Aamir and social networking websites go hand-in-hand?
Social networking websites are very much popular among the Indian youth. I have just started using Facebook a little these days and I use it to stay in touch with my fans.

But Twitter is still missing from the list?
What do you think, should I be present on Twitter (smiles)? Actually, I was in London recently and Amitji had invited me for dinner. He asked me to join Twitter; and you know, it’s very difficult to say no to him, especially because of his voice one cannot say no to him (laughs). I have just returned and am trying to learn the nuances of Twitter.

Will you be in a new avatar in your forthcoming film Dhobhi Ghat?
You will get to know that soon.

How do you finalise brands that you endorse?
I always look at associating with products that I can relate with myself. It should be a brand that gels well with my image. More importantly, I should also be able to use that product myself –only then would I be able to sell it to others.