The King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan gets candid with 4Ps B&M about his love for reading and his definition of comfort
For someone who is constantly under the eye of the media, how do you define comfort in your own terms?
I think comfort is being able to accessorize yourself, your house in a way. Something that makes life pleasant and beautiful for you. It is about having an individual choice. Comfort for me is to be able to wear the shoe I wish to, wear the shirt that I want to. In fact, comfort is to be easy with yourself and more importantly, easy in your current state.

In that case, do you actively participate in accessorizing your house?
As much as I would love to do that. But I really don’t have that much of an artistic eye when it comes to furnishing my house. However, I do appreciate what my wife Gauri does and the result of the same is definitely appealing.

We know that you are quite fond of reading. Which book might you be reading at the moment?
I usually read two to three books at a time. I have recently finished reading a book titled This is not a Game by Walter Jon Williams. It is a very good book on cyber crime.

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