Some Brands, despite missing out in making it to the most valuable brands list, deserve a mention. Reason: They hold immense promise, deserving of an inclusion in the list of the most promising brands 2010. 4Ps B&M brings to you ten such names which have the potential to outshine the pack.

Kent RO

Kent RO, the 15 year-old brainchild of Mahesh Gupta (Founder and CMD, Kent RO Systems Ltd) has given a new meaning to domestic water purification, having given the country its first RO purifier system, and that too with an enduring celebrity endorsement. With greater media visibility guaranteed over the next few months, this brand is certainly in for bigger prizes soon.


Senator Worldwide, marketer of specialty writing instruments, may not be one of those brands that you watch being flashed on mass communication channels day-in-and-day-out. But it is here, hopefully to stay. The company has entered into a JV with one of India’s leading business houses, the Modi Group, with an aim to become the most influential brand in the business of writing instruments. The Senator has landed!


Logistics is one business where credibility is of utmost importance, and advertising is key. Proof: Look at Safexpress, which is making waves with its most recent campaign dubbed “Distribution Redefined”. The brand has been able to secure an impressive list of clients, comprising global and national corporate houses. It’s only a matter of time when the legacy of this brand becomes an analysis for b-school case studies!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2011.

An Initiative of IIPM, Malay Chaudhuri and Arindam chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist).

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Featuring brands that are the most promising chosen by the 4Ps Business and Marketing magazine, 'Most Promising Brands' has been compiled after thorough research by the editorial team.
Chosen from a list of 5000 brands, the 4Ps editorial team shall shortlist the top brands based upon a comprehensive research undertaken by ICMR pan-India.

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Recently, the ceremony of the fourth Chinese food industry "Growth Star" award known as "China Food Industry Oscar" was opened in the Springs City Jinan, and the PACA fancy coffee stood out from the other candidates products, which was selected as the "Most Promising New Growth Award in 2010 China Food Industry" by the majority of users, dealers in the food industry and experienced experts. Meanwhile, the award-winning products also include Kylin Afternoon Black Tea Tea, Haitian Salt Restriction Soy Sauce and other well-known products.

08/08/2011 11:25pm

Going green was big news for a while, then the collapsing economy put a cloud over the movement. Nonetheless, a derth of reporting doesn’t mean that the scientists, entrepreneurs, and business brains behind the burgeoning industry have slowed down. If anything, their products are growing in maturity and potential. We waded through hundreds of eco-oriented companies to pick out the ones with the most promise, in terms of product potential and marketability.

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Most power full brands 2010
Tata group is another major player in Indian retail industry with its subsidiary Trent, which operates Westside and Star India Bazaar. Established in 1998, it also acquired the largest book and music retailer in India ‘Landmark’ in 2005. Trent owns over 4 lakh sq. ft retail space across the country.
Reliance is one of the biggest players in Indian retail industry. More than 300 Reliance Fresh stores and Reliance Mart are quite popular in the Indian retail market. It's expecting its sales to reach ` 90,000 crores by 2010.
AV Birla Group has a strong presence in Indian apparel retailing. The brands like Louis Phillipe, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Peter England are quite popular. It's also investing in other segments of retail. It will invest ` 8000-9000 crores by 2010.

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Rank 1 Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola gets almost everything right. Its brand promise of fun, freedom, spirit and refreshment resonates the world over and it excels at keeping the brand fresh and always evolving – all this, while also maintaining the nostalgia that reinforces customers’ deep connection to the brand. This includes different flavor profiles in each country and shrewd distribution models in fast-developing world markets (for example, carts in India). It has adapted quickly to social media, with 11 million fans on Facebook and 96,385 followers on Twitter as of August 2010. And while its brand may not be perceived as the best corporate citizen, in reality it leads in this area as well, providing US $305 million through the Coca- Cola Foundation. The brand is likely to face challenges as customers grow more health conscious in the coming years, and soda is increasingly taxed in the U.S. However, it is already thinking ahead with aggressive targeting of fast developing markets and programs like Healthy Active Living which address this criticism head-on.

Rank 2 IBM
IBM made 108 strategic acquisitions over the past nine years to strengthen its portfolio and continue its seamless evolution from hardware to service to knowledge economy to innovation. Through this journey the company has more than once reinvented itself, doing a great job of anticipating areas of growth, high profitability and value creation. Today, IBM helps clients achieve flexibility and competitive advantage to succeed in the networked economy. Its focus on emerging economies allows the company to tap into double digit growth by providing the infrastructure its clients require. This year, IBM displayed its innovation through a host of social media initiatives, which you can read more about in our brand strength component section on page 7. IBM also leads its category when it comes to corporate citizenship.

Rank 3 Microsoft
With the global recession, Microsoft saw its first drop in annual revenue – a three percent decrease from US $60.4 billion in fiscal 2008 to US $58.4 billion in fiscal 2009. Operating income and earnings per share also dropped. In recent years, Microsoft has spent more time creating defensive products rather than innovating – for example, launches of the Xbox to compete with Sony Playstation, Bing to compete with Google, the quickly abandoned Windows Kin Phone to compete with Apple iPhone, Windows 7 to compete with Linux, and updated other software such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and Microsoft DirectX. Still, despite the many rivals close on its tail, Microsoft maintains its position as the number one operating system on the market. This year, it proved it is still capable of innovation with the introduction of its Xbox Kinect, which uses original technology.
4 Google
As Google continues its upward path, it increasingly finds it difficult to reconcile its brand promise, “Don’t be evil,” with the realities of a powerful global brand. Although it continues to leverage this messaging through investments in (its not-for-profit philanthropic arm) and a number of other initiatives, its access to user information and what it is doing with it is increasingly being scrutinized. Recently, it compromised a key value – trust – when it violated 176 million users’ privacy with Google Buzz. And though its effort to pull out of China, which was censoring the search engine, and realign with its message demonstrated its commitment to its promise, only a few months later, it was quietly persuaded to work with the regime again. Still, Google’s reach and record for innovation is undisputed. Expect the brand to continue to diversify and expand, even as it experiences increasing backlash.

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Kent RO Water Purifiers remove all bacteria & viruses (Dead / Alive) because of filtration through RO Membrane whose pare size is below 0.0001 micron.

17/08/2011 4:02am

Removes even soluble impurities like pesticides, fluorides, heavy metals & undesirable salts.

Enhances taste of water & makes it sweet.

17/08/2011 4:03am

Kent RO Water Purifiers remove all bacteria & viruses (Dead / Alive) because of filtration through RO Membrane whose pare size is below 0.0001 micron.

17/08/2011 4:09am

Kentro (Greek, Modern: Κέντρο, Katharevousa: -on, meaning centre) is a village located in the municipal unit of Amaliada in the northern part of Elis in the western part of the Peloponnese, Greece. It is located 16 km E of Gastouni, about 6 km S of Borsi, 2 km N of Agias Ilias, about 15 km W of Simopoulo, 16 km NE of Amaliada, about 25 km ENE of Pyrgos and 15 km E of GR-9/E55 from the southbound lanes and about 20 km NE from the northbound lanes

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Senator Pen is the fastest growing pen supplier to advertising and promotional industry, brings you the best,original advertising media, sets standard for design and quality from wide range of low-priced to first-class heavy metal writing instruments.

17/08/2011 4:24am

Senator Worldwide, home of Senator Pen, has been manufacturing and supplying pencils, pens, and specialty writing instruments since 1920 and has world-wide presence in more than 100 countries. A leader in manufacturing technology, Senator creates nearly all of its top-of-the-line writing instruments in its factory in Groß-Bieberau, Germany.

17/08/2011 4:27am

Senator Pen is a good choice, and you'll be like happy either if you were not heretofore. Buying a Senator pen, you agree to show the public that you are bright and ambitious personality. By signing the document using a pen Senator, you doing step towards success and goals.

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Senator pens are the most popular form of office supplies. Senator pens are manufactured in Germany, which is not hearsay is famous for high quality manufactured goods. Senator pen of the Senator firm are made of modern technology. They have a very convenient push-button mechanism and modern design, high quality and originality of the form.

17/08/2011 4:32am

Wide range of colors and products provides greater prominence products of the company "Senator" famous primarily for production pens. Beautiful design and easy shape ensures a comfortable writing the text. Most of the pens Senator reusable, so you can be confident in the longevity of your presentations.

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Safexpress has firmly entrenched itself as the ‘Knowledge Leader’ and ‘Market Leader’ of the Supply Chain & Logistics industry. Safexpress offers a complete spectrum of Supply Chain & Logistics Services including Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting Services to Enterprise Customers. Safexpress provides services to a vast array of business verticals ranging from Retail & Apparel, Automotive, Engineering, Electronics, Electrical to Telecom, IT, FMCG, Healthcare and Publishing Industry.

17/08/2011 4:36am

Safexpress has been significantly involved in the Indian economic growth saga for the whole of last decade. With an intention of contributing in country’s economic growth, Safexpress has kept its operations India-centric. Safexpress provides Supply Chain & Logistics services to over 5000 corporate clients across 10 business verticals.


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