What was the creative idea behind the IndiGo ad-campaign?
We have a very different kind of relationship with Indigo, from the very primitive stage when they got their first plane. We have done everything from deciding the carpets to food to dresses to packaging; we have sat with the chefs and decided the menus, the packing and the sourcing. In a nutshell we have been with Indigo as long as Indigo has been there. So the idea was just to present the fun and seriousness at IndiGo in a single package.

But isn’t investing in a TVC risky for a Low Cost airline?
Over time, we had started concentrating more on making the experience better for customers by laying importance on IndiGo services. And the time had come to give out a message, which was important for a brand and it’s perception. We cannot ignore that in a market like ours nothing works like a TVC does.

With this TVC is Indigo has tried to change the concept of ‘Indian Stretchable Time’ to ‘India On Time’. Your views...
Yes. We wanted to convey a message to hit the masses and also to create something that is cool to watch. It is a remix of everything that will make people think while enjoying, and that has been the plan. Just because IndiGo is a low cost airline does not mean that it cannot be different. So while we have made a fun-filled ad, we also have something unique to offer. From the beginning, that has been the plan. And now, “on time” is one of the key messages.

What are the other elements that the ad carries?
Firstly, it carries the spirit of Indigo, that is a part of being on time. Secondly it is a happy, young airline. When you sit in the plane you feel all these things, the service, the punctuality and the ambience...

Do you think that this campaign will help change the perception of Indigo?
V. Sunil: Not really, but with a campaign like this, people will atleast check IndiGo out – both for travel and for employment.

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13/08/2011 2:37am

Since UV-Realm Indigos are "wired differently" ...it is very important for you to understand that intimate relationships can only be truly fulfilling if you are with another Indigo, and also one that that is on the same "wavelength" that you are. If you aren't, and if you "sell out" and get together intimately with an "Earth Person" or someone who is convenient just to stop the loneliness.....this can be very destructive to both parties.

13/08/2011 3:57am

Next March, the airline industry will have a new arrival: Vision Air, which calls itself the “nation's newest big jet, low-cost carrier,” will fly to currently underserved southeastern cities (Asheville, N.C, St. Petersburg, Fl., Macon, Ga.) and a few northern ones (Buffalo, Toronto) from its hub in northwest Florida. Welcome aboard Vision, and best of luck, but here's something to keep in mind: the airline industry has lost $59 billion in domestic markets since deregulation, according to a recent paper by University of California at Berkeley Professor Severin Borenstein, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Worse, most of those losses landed in the past 10 years. The contributing factors were both tragic and economic: In the beginning of the decade the 9/11 attacks severely disrupted demand; toward the end of the decade a deep recession did little to restore it. Passenger demand in 2009 did not match that of 2000, says professor Borenstein. I need not even begin to discuss customer service levels.


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