There are ads, and then there are those 10 that have personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively. From creativity to brand recall, from concept to execution, these 10 advertisements have gotten our attention; thanks to the commitment of the teams that created them. We present you with our review of the top three ads.
IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance
Baseline: “Ek Bima Hona Chahiye”
Agency: August Communications
4Ps B&M Take: It’s tough to create an irreverent ad for a serious product like insurance. It’s tougher to make one and get away with it. But insurance major IFFCO TOKIO and August Communications manage to do both with amazing aplomb. So the ad opens with a mother combing her daughter’s hair and a song starts ‘mummy ke haathon ka...’; cut to a girl admiring her face in the mirror and the song goes ‘Dimple ke dimples ka...’; the shot moves to an old lady and the song plays ‘dadi ke wrinkles ka...’; a skinny guy admiring his nonexistent muscles and the song breaks into ‘Rocky ke dolon ka...’ and so on. Then the shots all roll back and the jingle gets louder ‘Ek Bima Hona Chhiye’. The ultimate message: insurance is not just for a rainy day. Instead insure every happy moment of everyday life. The communication is high on both creativity and execution and most importantly, leaves you with a smile on your face... a paradox that only a few insurance ads have managed to achieve. This one not only extends the brand philosophy of IFFCO TOKIO’s ‘Muskurate Raho’ tagline, but takes it a step further by communicating that an insurance company can be your partner in happiness instead of being needed only in times of distress. Meant to make a comeback for the brand in the general insurance category after nearly two years, this one is a sure winner. That the jingle is extremely hummable is an added bonus all the way.
Mind your manners!
Baseline: Change the Game
Agency: JWT
4Ps B&M Take: Talk about making great use of a brand endorser, and that too when there is amazing buzz around the celebrity in question. We are referring to Cola major PepsiCo and their quirky use of Bollywood’s latest superstar offering Ranbir Kapoor in their latest communication. Close on the heels of some critically acclaimed flicks – which incidentally also won rave reviews at the box office - Pepsi showcased Ranbir and Indian skipper MS Dhoni during the recently concluded ICC World Twenty20 2012. The communication turned the gentleman’s game on its head quite literally. The ad has the cricketers’ bus breaking down in a busy neighborhood. Ranbir, along with a few other fans, jumps down from the top of the bus and start harassing the players. Dhoni asks him: ‘Yeh Kya tameez hai’; Kapoor blithely replies: “Yeh T20 hai boss, na tameez se khela jaata hai, na tameez se dekha jaata hai!” The bid is to capture the excitement and thrill with which millions of fans view the 20-over format of the game. The quite different and irreverent concept is what has got this ad film creating waves in the advertising and marketing community. There are those who love it – saying it has bent the traditional rule of displaying cricketers as demigods. They laud the fact that the film lets the fans get in the last word. Others lament that the execution lacks finesse and that the film dismisses the game too frivolously. But we are not complaining as it certainly got the chutzpah back into cola advertising after a long gap. Effective? Maybe. Different? Hell, yeah!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2013

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