GIDF, USA Chapter started its operation in Oct 2010 in the state of Massachusetts, USA. The objective of operating in USA is not only to create and spread awareness related to child education, women empowerment, livelihood and health but also to make the people of United States believe in the cause and raise a helping hand in order to eradicate the elements leading to the cause.

GIDF USA structured many marketing tools but the first and the most effective way to get the word out, about these worthy causes was through a donation flyer called ‘Hamari Gudiya’. The prime objective of this flyer was sending a girl child to school. This initiative was not only cost effective but one of the most powerful tool to reach out to masses. After identifying the right marketing tool, it required to approach the right locations, which were none other than the HIGH TRAFFIC LOCATIONS and what could be more crowded than the upscale malls during winter and Holiday season. So GIDF USA partnered with a chain of casual Indian fast food restaurant – Gourmet India.

Gourmet India is located in various upscale malls in Massachusetts and has a huge number of customers visiting these locations on daily basis. GIDF placed these donation flyers on the communication center of each restaurant. These communication centers have been placed in such a way that when a customer is waiting for the meal or a drink or even if he passes by gourmet India location, he is forced to look toward the communication center and of course towards ‘Hamari Gudiya’. Placing these flyers on the communication center of a busy restaurant or any location which is full of activities leads to creating visibility, awareness and value to the product or service and that is exactly what happened in our case. Our main purpose of putting these flyers was to market GIDF and create awareness but to our surprise we have not only been able to meet our objectives but we have also started getting donations. This has been our very first initiative which has and is helping us in communicating and connecting directly with the target audience. GIDF USA is also approaching other high traffic and crowded locations in Massachusetts like Indian grocery stores, salons, Banks etc in order to generate more visibility, awareness and support from the potential donors. Hamari Gudiya flyer has generated a very positive outlook amongst the potential donors and given GIDF USA a platform which is for sure leaning towards success. So come, join us in our journey to share the dream.    Read More....

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We Share Because We Care

1st to 3rd November 2010

This time, on behalf of the GID Club, the IIPM students organized a Diwali event starting from 1st November, 2010 till 3rd November, 2010. These days were especially dedicated for the less-privileged but special kids.

On the first two days of the event, we had set up a counter and named it “I SHARE”, wherein students were invited and informed about this beautiful event. It was remarkable to notice that students were willing to listen to us and the amazing part was that we were able to collect gifts around Rs. 12000 and cash around Rs. 6000, which was also used for purchasing more gifts for the little ones. All the items, like Cadbury Celebrations et al, were gift wrapped especially for the occasion of Diwali. Some students also gifted puzzle boxes, stationary items like pencil, rubber, scale etc. Some gifts carrying little financial value but a lot of meaning and perspective while the others carried a lot of both.

The last day was the best part of the Theme “We Share Because We Care”, as the 52 children along with their teachers were invited to IIPM Campus Delhi. Prof. Rohit Manchanda (Dean-center for HRD, IIPM) was the guest of Honor for the day. Students had fun with these kids by playing dog and the bone and by making the children participate in the dance session. Then later these kids were motivated to sing poems that they have learnt. These little children were also served grilled sandwiches by Salad Chef. In return, the kids showered their love upon us by gifting their hand colored greeting cards.

Finally, we bid farewell to them by wishing them good luck and handing over all the gifts that were solely purchased for them. We hope that this event was as memorable for them as it was for all of us.

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IIPM Indore - Aagman 2010
IIPM Indore - Saraswati Vandana (Aagman 2010)
On the 29th of October’10, IIPM Indore celebrated Aagman 2010 at The Mahal at Sayaji. A perfect welcome for the Fall Winter batch of 2010, the students of IIPM put up a grand show for the audience consisting of the students and the faculty members. The entire atmosphere was jubilant. the entire show was handled by the students of IIPM Indore.

The preparation for Aagman started well in advance. Under the aegis of IIPM events team, the students took care of every little detail, right from planning the entire event, organizing it till the execution on the final day. Students of 1st year and BBA worked as team for the grand event.

The show started with a saraswati vandana followed by a fashion show and a number of other performances as well. But the highlight of the show was the salsa performance put up by the students. The entire show was choreographed by the students. The emcees kept the crowd enthralled. The grand finale of the event was a surprise performance by both the faculty and the students.

For more photographs CLICK HERE

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On the evening of 28th October 2010, at the renowned Sangeet Natak Academy, IIPM Lucknow once again carried on the tradition of celebrating its annual cultural festival “AAGMAN-2010”

“AAGMAN” as the name suggests means welcome. It’s a cultural extravaganza wherein the first year students get the opportunity to showcase their talents before an audience compromising of students and faculty.

The evening began with the traditional Saraswati Vandana dance which was followed by a duet and solo singing performances. The students of BBA batch then performed “Cinderella In Bollywood” a comedy version of the classic Cinderella story presented with several Hindi songs and comic punches from Bollywood movies. The evening was then startled with a Rocking performance by the Rock band, which made the entire crowd sway to their tunes. It was now time to get a little pensive, probably a trip down memory lane, time to hum soft melodies with the IIPM band as they transferred you to another world with their music. It was a warm up session with classics like pal, Summer of 69, to name a few, even “Summer of 69” a rock number, felt like silence before the storm.- the peppy  Fusion dance.

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SARASWATI VANDANA: The opening ceremony of the event was the Sarawati Vandana-an amazing Bharatnatyam performance. The grace, the expressions, the timing was a delight. Thus it marked a perfect start
Dance Fusion: It seemed like a team of trained professional dancers revealing a new dimension dancing that crossed varied genres of dances -Hollywood, Tollywood , Bollywood , Punjabi Folk . From modern dance Shakira Hips don’t lie to Tamil Folk – Apri Pore the vibrant dance performance kept the audience spellbound.
Colors 2010 – Fashion Show: Scintillating fashion show which was themed as the Colors 2010. Herein the talented young students scorched the ramp with the latest trends .The show was a fusion of ethnic, formal and casual wear.

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Brand U – a workshop for management students was held at IIPM Chennai recently. The students were trained by Prof. S.T. SivaramKumar to transform  themselves into flawless individuals. The idea was to help students pick out all the right ingredients from themselves so as to be able to impress the companies. The session started out with a splendid speech by Prof.  Sivaram on how to brand oneself as a complete package to ace the placements. It was followed by mock interview and group discussion.

The edifying session focused on packing the students with alluring prowess and to present them as inimitable individuals to confront the current employment scenario. Prof. Jimesh Gandhi briefed the students about resume building, e-mail and telephonic etiquette. Mock interview succeeded this informative discussion, where the staff members of IIPM committed to provide the students with the tools and information needed  for them to be successful in their job search. Mock interview involved role playing where Prof. Gandhi on one hand took the opportunity to bombard questions at the students and on the other, benefited the participants to get themselves prepared to face the actual interview. He also updated the audience about the various kinds of interviews ranging from stress interviews to technical interviews.

Mock interview was followed by group discussion conducted by both Prof. Jimesh Gandhi and Prof. Sivaram. Though group discussion sounds cacophonous,  many management points stemmed out during the process. The  participants were evaluated based on their expertise in cooling down the situation handed to them. Decorum was clearly maintained inspite of a pool of cogitations put forth. IIPM-ites' intentions were not to merely impress the professors, but to grab the opportunity and express their firm beliefs.The third aspect was to grade the communication level of every individual. This round was an exposure to the interaction capabilities and creativity of every individual.

Brand U, wound up with Power of 'Yes', where every individual had to portray oneself as the 'best'. Prof. Sivaram used this fortuity to share some success secrets that distinguishes IIPM-ites from the rest. ' The Power of Yes' laid the limelight on believing in oneself and to be open to change and adapting  oneself into suiting the job profile laid down by the employers.

The event comprised various tips and tools which if incorporated, guarantee to make recruiters crave for IIPM-ites. Brand U- a complete package of personality branding, will certainly bring about meaningful changes in ones life so that they can dazzle like diamonds in their careers.

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IIPM announces the formation of the following six Memorial Foundations of Rs. 1 crore each. From the income accrued to these foundations, awards will be conferred for excellence in the field of literature.

On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, we hereby also announce the Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Prize of Rs. 1 crore to be conferred upon RAMAPADA CHOWDHURY on 9th/10th May 2011 (25th Baisakh in Bangla), for his lifetime contribution to the world of literature. A special mention need be made of his highly acclaimed novel, Bon Palashir Padabali, in which he has lucidly portrayed rural Bengal, thereby assuring his place among the greatest story tellers in the literary world.
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25 October 2010

Most of the times the word negotiation conjures up images of a bus full of hostages in a Hollywood movie or a high profile discussion at the UN. But negotiation or interacting with people strategically is a part of our daily lives - employers and employees negotiate over employment terms, companies negotiate with suppliers, customers with sellers and even children with their parents. Prof Gaylen Paulson, from the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin shared some of these ideas about negotiation and how to manage strategic influence in competitive situations with the students at IIPM Bangalore on 25 October 2010. He explored ideas in a lively session filled with stories and activities and anecdotes to illustrate how the most important lesson in negotiation is that we should think of the other party's needs and try to meet them so that our needs are met. This counter intuitive idea he said is the pillar for getting a better outcome than getting into a competitive mode where we always think about winning or losing and treat everything as a zero sum game and don't think outside the box. Creativity indeed is the key to negotiating a better solution!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Following is the list of online media coverage for the Rabindranath Tagore Peace Prize - which was conferred upon Irom Chanu Sharmila (the Iron Lady of Manipur) for her determined struggle to force the Government to withdraw the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 (AFSPA) from the state of Manipur (She has been on a hunger strike for about a decade now, since November 2000). IIPM honored this great activist in Imphal on Saturday, 11th September 2010. The prize consisted of a gold medal, a citation and a prize money of Rs. 51 lacs. The award was handed over to her personally by the Founder-Director,
Dr M K Chaudhuri and Mrs Ratna Chaudhuri, who had traveled down to Manipur for the occasion.
Online Media Coverage

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Monday, October 11, 2010

IIPM Chennai’s Fresher’s party for the batch of FW 10-12/13

The music went louder and the lights became flashier at the Moon Walk (Fresher’s) night for the FW 10-12/13 batches, the destination was the “uber” cool disco at the Sauvé Country INN hotel in town “MIXX” the crowd was eager enough to celebrate the most awaited night of any student when they start a new phase of life. What better way to do it than to party party and party!

All our loved students were out of their shells in a jiffy. They rocked that night and were seen in brand new avatars. Everyone saw the darkness being fooled by the flashes of colored lights and their ears were treated to the latest numbers to which everyone danced till they had their clothes drenched in sweat …and we talk about energy conservation…but still all present had the energy to scream on the top of their voices HIP HIP Hurray!

Keeping the fresher’s ceremony tradition alive the titles of best dancers were chosen by members of the alchemy club which was absolutely fitting for the event. Well the princess for the night was Mamcy from Section B crowned by mentors at IIPM and the prince was Jagannath from the UGP batch. But of course there had to be the King and the Queen to complement the prince and princess and they were Hari from section B and Loveena also from section B. 

The party was on till 11 pm and awesome food was served. Boy oh boy! Was justice done, after all the singing and dancing all the ferocious appetites were at work and everyone enjoyed to the hilt. 

Every one danced like crazy, screamed like hooligans and enjoyed to the core …hope all you people enjoyed and took great memories back which you will cherish for lifetime…just an advice do not close your memory books…because  you will all get to witness more such parties and have more fun than this time till then happy studying!

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Chennai, 6th October 2010

It was extremely heart warming to see 55 people comprising of staff and students at IIPM Chennai come and put their best foot forward by donating blood for a worthy cause. IIPM Chennai’s Great Indian Dream Club in association with Lions Blood Bank and Research Foundation Egmore conducted a one day blood donation camp at IIPM.

The events team at IIPM gave people the opportunity to give back to society, the same society where they live and thrive everyday. Sonal Chatterji from IIPM commented “Donating blood is such a striking experience that no words can define. You have to donate blood yourself to feel it. Anyone might require blood anytime including ourselves and our dear ones”. A student K.S Ahmed Faraz said “ It was a great feeling donating the blood for a good cause”.

Officials from the association shared that donating blood reduces the chances of Ischemic heart diseases as frequent donations reduce the accumulated and unwanted iron load from the body. Blood acts as a life saving medicine which works wonders in certain medical treatments. It was above all a touching experience and great satisfaction in saving lives with unselfish efforts.

Click to enlarge
From a humble beginning that Lions Blood Bank, Egmore made in 1984 and with the untiring and zealous approach of many philanthropists, today, it has made a remarkable progress and has carved a niche among the hospitals and the medical practitioners for supply of quality products. This project has invested about Rs 10,000,000 for its expansion program for production of blood components during the period 1998-1999. At Lions Blood Bank, each unit of blood passes through a rigorous screening process for Malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and HIV. One percent of all produced components are subjected to rigorous analysis by in-house and independent laboratories, in order to maintain the highest quality of blood products and ensure that the risk of infections being transmitted by transfusion is minimal.

Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation (ACM GIDF) is a developmental organization of national repute, facilitating community development initiatives since 2002. Their strategy is to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building their capacities through education, health and skill–based development. They are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural & urban areas of the country. The spheres of their work are governed by issues related to Health, Education, Livelihood and Environment. ACM GIDF is a social initiative of Indian Institute of Planning & Management (IIPM) & Planman Consulting.