IIPM has been organizing blood donation camp every six months. The Help Voluntary blood Bank is actively involved in this activity. One day prior to the actual blood donation camp, a session on awareness was done by Help Voluntary blood Bank. They were explaining the need of donating blood in today’s era where the supply is always lower than demand. They also emphasize on the fact that donating blood does not cause any problems as the blood lost gets replenished in hours and glucose level come back to normal. Moreover, it’s good to stand for a noble cause which can save various lives by giving a single unit of blood.

With this thought the actual blood donation camp came into picture on 2nd December 2011. It started at 12:00 pm and lasted for 3 long hours where the number of units collected was 35.

There was an active participation not only from the students but from the faculty and staff too. The criteria for donating blood were that one’s weight should be at least 50 Kg; Blood pressure has to be normal and hemoglobin as 12.5. In this process many were disappointed, as they were not able to donate blood due to lack of some or the other above criteria. To overcome the problems Dr. Aparna who was involved in taking the blood samples also gave advices and iron tablets to increase the hemoglobin levels.

The process of donating blood was very simple and it took just about 5-10 minutes for completion. Then the donors were given some snacks and drink to replenish the glucose levels immediately. The whole event was grand and successful leaving the mark in everyone’s mind about the cause for which they stood and happily satisfied at the end.

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