Brand U – a workshop for management students was held at IIPM Chennai recently. The students were trained by Prof. S.T. SivaramKumar to transform  themselves into flawless individuals. The idea was to help students pick out all the right ingredients from themselves so as to be able to impress the companies. The session started out with a splendid speech by Prof.  Sivaram on how to brand oneself as a complete package to ace the placements. It was followed by mock interview and group discussion.

The edifying session focused on packing the students with alluring prowess and to present them as inimitable individuals to confront the current employment scenario. Prof. Jimesh Gandhi briefed the students about resume building, e-mail and telephonic etiquette. Mock interview succeeded this informative discussion, where the staff members of IIPM committed to provide the students with the tools and information needed  for them to be successful in their job search. Mock interview involved role playing where Prof. Gandhi on one hand took the opportunity to bombard questions at the students and on the other, benefited the participants to get themselves prepared to face the actual interview. He also updated the audience about the various kinds of interviews ranging from stress interviews to technical interviews.

Mock interview was followed by group discussion conducted by both Prof. Jimesh Gandhi and Prof. Sivaram. Though group discussion sounds cacophonous,  many management points stemmed out during the process. The  participants were evaluated based on their expertise in cooling down the situation handed to them. Decorum was clearly maintained inspite of a pool of cogitations put forth. IIPM-ites' intentions were not to merely impress the professors, but to grab the opportunity and express their firm beliefs.The third aspect was to grade the communication level of every individual. This round was an exposure to the interaction capabilities and creativity of every individual.

Brand U, wound up with Power of 'Yes', where every individual had to portray oneself as the 'best'. Prof. Sivaram used this fortuity to share some success secrets that distinguishes IIPM-ites from the rest. ' The Power of Yes' laid the limelight on believing in oneself and to be open to change and adapting  oneself into suiting the job profile laid down by the employers.

The event comprised various tips and tools which if incorporated, guarantee to make recruiters crave for IIPM-ites. Brand U- a complete package of personality branding, will certainly bring about meaningful changes in ones life so that they can dazzle like diamonds in their careers.

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Chennai, 6th October 2010

It was extremely heart warming to see 55 people comprising of staff and students at IIPM Chennai come and put their best foot forward by donating blood for a worthy cause. IIPM Chennai’s Great Indian Dream Club in association with Lions Blood Bank and Research Foundation Egmore conducted a one day blood donation camp at IIPM.

The events team at IIPM gave people the opportunity to give back to society, the same society where they live and thrive everyday. Sonal Chatterji from IIPM commented “Donating blood is such a striking experience that no words can define. You have to donate blood yourself to feel it. Anyone might require blood anytime including ourselves and our dear ones”. A student K.S Ahmed Faraz said “ It was a great feeling donating the blood for a good cause”.

Officials from the association shared that donating blood reduces the chances of Ischemic heart diseases as frequent donations reduce the accumulated and unwanted iron load from the body. Blood acts as a life saving medicine which works wonders in certain medical treatments. It was above all a touching experience and great satisfaction in saving lives with unselfish efforts.

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From a humble beginning that Lions Blood Bank, Egmore made in 1984 and with the untiring and zealous approach of many philanthropists, today, it has made a remarkable progress and has carved a niche among the hospitals and the medical practitioners for supply of quality products. This project has invested about Rs 10,000,000 for its expansion program for production of blood components during the period 1998-1999. At Lions Blood Bank, each unit of blood passes through a rigorous screening process for Malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and HIV. One percent of all produced components are subjected to rigorous analysis by in-house and independent laboratories, in order to maintain the highest quality of blood products and ensure that the risk of infections being transmitted by transfusion is minimal.

Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Great Indian Dream Foundation (ACM GIDF) is a developmental organization of national repute, facilitating community development initiatives since 2002. Their strategy is to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building their capacities through education, health and skill–based development. They are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural & urban areas of the country. The spheres of their work are governed by issues related to Health, Education, Livelihood and Environment. ACM GIDF is a social initiative of Indian Institute of Planning & Management (IIPM) & Planman Consulting.

His Excellency Thiru Surjit Singh Barnala, Governor of Tamil Nadu presented Awards and Degrees to the students at the Annual Convocation of Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) at Chennai today (08.06.2010). Mr. Vladimir V. Mariy,  Director-Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Chennai, Prof. Krishnan, Dean (Academis), IIPM Chennai, Dr. R.T. Sababapathy Mohan, Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar Univesity, Tirunelveli and Thiru Jawahar Vedivelu, Vice-President, SICCI were present.

ON 08.06.2010 AT 11.00 A.M

I feel it a great pleasure to present the Awards and Degrees to the Management Graduates and address this distinguished gathering here today.

At the outset I congratulate the recipients of awards and degrees. It is your hard work and sincerity that has brought you success. Management is a universal phenomenon. Effective planning, proper and timely execution, courage and will power are the ingredients of success. You should always be alert and on the move towards your goal. Ego, fear of failure, lack of self confidence, lack of focus and commitment are the obstacles to success. To achieve the winning edge it is necessary to strive for excellence.

Success is measured by the number of obstacles one overcomes to achieve his goal. I am reminded of Abraham Lincoln who had faced a series of failures before becoming the U S President at the age of 52. He failed in business at the age of 21. He was defeated in the legislative elections at 22 and had a nervous breakdown at the age of 27. He lost the Congressional race at the age of 34, the senatorial race at the age of 45 and at 49 and the Vice President elections at the age of 47. He was not deterred by these failures. He converted them into stepping stones for success.

Today India is witnessing a big boom in professional development and career profiles. India has made rapid strides in all spheres and is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. We need to keep pace with the changing global scenario and should equip ourselves to compete globally.

You have been provided quality management education by this temple of learning. Management Gurus and various thinkers have given management thoughts and have suggested models providing a strong theoretical base. It will not be wise for a Management Executive to go on for a copy book style formula for every issue. Apply your mind, study the situation, act wise and determine the types of decision and leadership styles that are apt and suits at that point of time. You are the masters of the situation.

I am pleased to learn that IIPM is oriented towards promotion of corporate growth, based on innovation and entrepreneurship in harmony with National Economic Planning objective aiming at a sustainable and ethically acceptable growth rate. The initiatives taken by IIPM to incorporate the twin tasks of orienting education and research towards the needs of both the private and public sectors and to establish the link between the National Economic Planning and the development of private enterprises deserves commendation.

Management Institutions should restructure their programmes and should aim at developing and enhancing managerial skills, Inter-personal skills, communication skills, decision making skills etc.

I convey my warm felicitations to the Management, Faculty, Staff, recipients of awards and degrees and students of IIPM.

I wish IIPM all success in its endeavours. 

Jai Hind.