On 14th July’10, the 4P’s club of  IIPM Indore organized ‘the best marketing plan competition' for the first years, second years and the BBA students.
The objective behind the entire exercise was to actually test the students and get to know how much they are able to use what they have learnt in the class to actual marketing of a product.

5 teams of 6-7 members participated in the event. 3 out of these 4 teams were combined teams with students of 1st yr, 2nd yr and BBA all working together on the product. The other 2 teams were ISBE-B and BBA students.

Each team was given a specific product to launch highlighting its USP. The products were a watch, soap, torch, lipstick, a deodorant.

The students were given an hour to prepare a questionnaire, conduct a survey, conduct a primary research and on the basis of the research make a marketing plan including a TVC. The students were given the freedom to refer to any of the marketing books in the library but if any group was caught asking help from any of the faculty would be disqualified.

Each team was given a time 4-5 mins to give their presentation. The judge for the event was Prof. Jayanta Chakraborti.

The winning team was the team that marketed the lipstick.