25 October 2010

Most of the times the word negotiation conjures up images of a bus full of hostages in a Hollywood movie or a high profile discussion at the UN. But negotiation or interacting with people strategically is a part of our daily lives - employers and employees negotiate over employment terms, companies negotiate with suppliers, customers with sellers and even children with their parents. Prof Gaylen Paulson, from the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin shared some of these ideas about negotiation and how to manage strategic influence in competitive situations with the students at IIPM Bangalore on 25 October 2010. He explored ideas in a lively session filled with stories and activities and anecdotes to illustrate how the most important lesson in negotiation is that we should think of the other party's needs and try to meet them so that our needs are met. This counter intuitive idea he said is the pillar for getting a better outcome than getting into a competitive mode where we always think about winning or losing and treat everything as a zero sum game and don't think outside the box. Creativity indeed is the key to negotiating a better solution!

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Date: June 12th, 2010
Event: Guest Lecture
Speaker: Mr. Dhiraj K Sinha
Topic: The market potential of Microinsurance in India

Mr. Dhiraj K Sinha, Senior Project Manager, Larive India, visited IIPM Delhi campus to deliver a lecture on “Microinsurance”. He explained the basic concept of Microinsurance and its potential in the low income group segment. He explained the various products that are covered in micro insurance. The biggest challenge according to him, is the delivery of microinsurance to the clients. Mr. Dhiraj focused on the four basic models that are followed for the delivery purpose and also explained the students about the advantages and disadvantages attached to each model. As the session ended each student had a better understanding of the subject and recognized the importance of microinsurance as a useful tool in economic development.

Date: June 23rd, 2010
Event: Guest Lecture
Speaker: Mr. Azzar Abbas Abidi
Topic: Resource Retention

Mr. Abbas Abidi who has worked with prestigious organizations like Hewitt associates, WNS Global Services, Wipro, visited IIPM Delhi campus to deliver a lecture on Resource Retention. Retaining the right talent has always been a challenge for most companies. The investment that goes into recruiting, training and honing on-the-job skills can cause both tangible and intangible loss when a productive resource leaves the organization. Mr Abidi explained the various strategies used by the industries these days to retain its employees. After the lecture, the session was opened for Q&A, which he answered with  great interest.