A GOP session was organized for all the IIPM students across batches on 2/12/2011 at IIPM-Auditorium. The session was delivered by Prof.Erin Meyers from INSEAD Business School.

Prof. Erin MEYER is an Adjunct Professor in the Organizational Behavior Department at INSEAD and specializes in the field of Cross-Cultural Management, Intercultural Negotiations, and Multi-cultural Leadership. Erin teaches in over 2 dozen INSEAD Executive Management programs including the Advanced Managers Program, the International Executive Program and numerous company specific programs. In addition Erin is the program director for INSEAD’s open enrollment program Managing Global Virtual Teams.

Prof. Erin has most recently published articles summarizing her research in Harvard Business Review (January 2010) and Harvard Business Manager (September 2009). Her case “Leading across Cultures at Michelin” won the each 2010 European case award for best HRM case of the year.

As part of the session Prof. Erin Meyer explained the concepts of cross culture management across various countries and also emphasized on its importance. After the session a question and answer session took place, where in students have asked questions pertaining to the topic to the professor. The students enjoyed the session and thanked IIPM Management for organizing the GOP session.

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