The Torque club at IIPM Chandigarh organized TUG OF WAR Competition on 8 Dec 2011 , Where in all the students boys and girls from the fallwinter batch had participated , They were four sections and each section had one team for girls and boys so we had total of eight teams , students had shown incredible enthusiasm and winning skills , it was amazing to watch them pulling the roap and students all round the college shouting their section name in the end it was SA1(11-13) Boys and SA1(11-13) girls have won the competition . In all it was a great experience for students an engrossing series of matches and for once , the muscles being flexed in the IIPM Chandigarh.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It was a new start for the students and with every passing minute they were moving one step forward to achieve their dream.

The host of the Orientation ceremony was Ms. Uma Pandey. She started the ceremony by addressing the audience and the new students and welcoming them to IIPM family. She introduced the speakers for the day.

Our first speaker, Prof. Arvind Rajashekhar oriented the students about the current Indian market scenario. He also oriented the students about how important and challenging can the life of an MBA be. He asked the students to give their best and to start updating themselves with the surrounding world.

The second speaker, Mr. Rajat Sogani broke the ice wall between him and the students by narrating his life story and how he completed his MBA and thereafter. This is how he was able to tell students about the importance of studying and concentrating in a B-school and making the most of it.

The ceremony ended by a very beautiful story narrated by Ms. Uma Pandey, whose moral was “It is very easy to criticize anyone but very difficult to give the correct answer”. Hence one should never lose their self confidence and self belief and always move ahead in life.

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IIPM – India's Global business school was adjudged the 2011 Best B School in Asia Overall at the 2nd Asia’s Best B-School awards ceremony that took place at Singapore. Last year the award had gone to SP Jain and thus for the second consecutive year it was an Indian B-School that took away the prestigious award given in association with CMO Asia. It was a gala function that was held at the Suntec, Singapore with participation of B-Schools from around 29 countries including Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, UAE etc. The best B-Schools in Asia and people of Asian origin were given awards. The award ceremony was held amongst a Galaxy of luminaries from the world of education and corporate. Prof Arindam Chaudhuri (Honorary Director, IIPM Think-Tank) was elated and very much excited to get the award and said, “It feels great to achieve such a prestigious award. We at IIPM are excited to get Asia’s Best B School. This award is a tribute to Dr. MK Chaudhuri, who had the amazing vision of incorporating macroeconomic principles so that B-Schools in India not only serve the purpose of private sector but also the nation on the whole. In the last few years of course our Industry Interface, Research and Global Exposure has made us what we are today – the largest B-School in the world,” a Newspaper release said.
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