Brand U – a workshop for management students was held at IIPM Chennai recently. The students were trained by Prof. S.T. SivaramKumar to transform  themselves into flawless individuals. The idea was to help students pick out all the right ingredients from themselves so as to be able to impress the companies. The session started out with a splendid speech by Prof.  Sivaram on how to brand oneself as a complete package to ace the placements. It was followed by mock interview and group discussion.

The edifying session focused on packing the students with alluring prowess and to present them as inimitable individuals to confront the current employment scenario. Prof. Jimesh Gandhi briefed the students about resume building, e-mail and telephonic etiquette. Mock interview succeeded this informative discussion, where the staff members of IIPM committed to provide the students with the tools and information needed  for them to be successful in their job search. Mock interview involved role playing where Prof. Gandhi on one hand took the opportunity to bombard questions at the students and on the other, benefited the participants to get themselves prepared to face the actual interview. He also updated the audience about the various kinds of interviews ranging from stress interviews to technical interviews.

Mock interview was followed by group discussion conducted by both Prof. Jimesh Gandhi and Prof. Sivaram. Though group discussion sounds cacophonous,  many management points stemmed out during the process. The  participants were evaluated based on their expertise in cooling down the situation handed to them. Decorum was clearly maintained inspite of a pool of cogitations put forth. IIPM-ites' intentions were not to merely impress the professors, but to grab the opportunity and express their firm beliefs.The third aspect was to grade the communication level of every individual. This round was an exposure to the interaction capabilities and creativity of every individual.

Brand U, wound up with Power of 'Yes', where every individual had to portray oneself as the 'best'. Prof. Sivaram used this fortuity to share some success secrets that distinguishes IIPM-ites from the rest. ' The Power of Yes' laid the limelight on believing in oneself and to be open to change and adapting  oneself into suiting the job profile laid down by the employers.

The event comprised various tips and tools which if incorporated, guarantee to make recruiters crave for IIPM-ites. Brand U- a complete package of personality branding, will certainly bring about meaningful changes in ones life so that they can dazzle like diamonds in their careers.

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