Delhi i1 Super Series team

NEW DELHI: Management guru Arindam Chaudhuri's Delhi franchise will be called 'Delhi Gypsies and Billionaries' in the upcoming i1 Super Series league, it was announced today. Planman Stars, a company promoted by Chaudhuri of IIPM, is the owner of the Delhi team in i1 Super Series and is expected to invest about $5-6 million in the league's maiden year. “Motorsports is as much a sport for the gypsies at heart as for the billionaires by style! The name is as much a tribute to Delhi, the city which is often referred to as Dilwalon ki Dilli, as to the city which boasts of the highest number of billionaires and is undoubtedly the style capital of India,” Chaudhuri said in a statement.---PTI

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9/3/2012 04:56:18 pm

Nice way of paying a tribute to India's national capital!!

9/3/2012 05:07:23 pm

These way of sports is very glamorous and also wonderful for the team.

9/3/2012 05:15:12 pm

A big thanks to Prof. Arindam chaudhuri from the people of Delhi.

9/3/2012 05:26:35 pm

"This sports gave high attention and is here to stay," Arindam Chaudhuri said.

9/3/2012 05:40:30 pm

I would like to make full use of opportunities available.

9/3/2012 05:47:13 pm

Competitive spirit and passion of the youth in a more positive manners.

9/3/2012 06:02:22 pm

We must provide honored and privileged to have another chance to coach an international team.

9/3/2012 06:06:25 pm

Dedicated to the sports man ,"practice makes man perfect."

9/3/2012 06:15:46 pm

I"ll give my best and it would be great finish the year on a high.

9/3/2012 06:32:37 pm

We are very excited the upcoming i1 Super Series league,

6/5/2012 03:12:06 pm

It's really informative blog post. I love it..Thanks for sharing it dear.


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