We Share Because We Care

1st to 3rd November 2010

This time, on behalf of the GID Club, the IIPM students organized a Diwali event starting from 1st November, 2010 till 3rd November, 2010. These days were especially dedicated for the less-privileged but special kids.

On the first two days of the event, we had set up a counter and named it “I SHARE”, wherein students were invited and informed about this beautiful event. It was remarkable to notice that students were willing to listen to us and the amazing part was that we were able to collect gifts around Rs. 12000 and cash around Rs. 6000, which was also used for purchasing more gifts for the little ones. All the items, like Cadbury Celebrations et al, were gift wrapped especially for the occasion of Diwali. Some students also gifted puzzle boxes, stationary items like pencil, rubber, scale etc. Some gifts carrying little financial value but a lot of meaning and perspective while the others carried a lot of both.

The last day was the best part of the Theme “We Share Because We Care”, as the 52 children along with their teachers were invited to IIPM Campus Delhi. Prof. Rohit Manchanda (Dean-center for HRD, IIPM) was the guest of Honor for the day. Students had fun with these kids by playing dog and the bone and by making the children participate in the dance session. Then later these kids were motivated to sing poems that they have learnt. These little children were also served grilled sandwiches by Salad Chef. In return, the kids showered their love upon us by gifting their hand colored greeting cards.

Finally, we bid farewell to them by wishing them good luck and handing over all the gifts that were solely purchased for them. We hope that this event was as memorable for them as it was for all of us.

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