As a few hundred stood hand-in-hand to form a Human Chain, a diverse army of curious onlookers  marched out a phalanx of hypotheses to explain this phenomenon. In the calm of the dawning dusk, yet another fragment of the Great Indian Dream was revealed.The GID Club, Jaipur in strategic alliance with Center For Civil Society, NGO, formed a human chain on the 29th June’10 at Jal Mahal-Jaipur.The message to be sensitized to the masses and media was “Recognition of Street Vending as a legal form of livelihood”.One of the biggest chunk of India’s Unorganized Sector are the  street Vendors, who under constant exploitation are  compelled to live a life of poverty and  looked down as a nuisance and encroachers of sidewalks and pavements. However, they do contribute significantly to the budget of every middle class household, providing 'affordable' as well as 'convenient' services by their self generated means of employment.

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