“Time to check your pool skills …. If you are smart enough take a chance”

Some kind of change and physical fitness is needed for students after the rigorous class schedules and mental exercise, thus this time the Torque club of IIPM, Lucknow organized the POOL CHAMPIONSHIP in the
campus on 20th July 2010. Teams from various sections across batches participated to win the title.

The event started with an environment of enthusiasm. As the energy levels increased and all the participants were ready to swing, they formulated various strategies in order to defend themselves and rise up as a winner all through out. This event was very engaging for the participants as well as the viewers as everyone was engrossed in the game. Event started with knockout round.

Among all the participants Om Pandey from PGP/SS/10-12 and Bhawani Singh from UGP/FW/09-12 were amongst the finalist. At the End, Bhawani Singh emerged as the winner and claimed the title.


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