"We stand on the razor's edge of being remembered...or forgotten”!
Impressions are critical in creating the right impact. They make the deciding difference between success and failure.

The impact of our appearance, postures, and manners is as strong if not more than that of our skills, expertise and competency. People inadvertently form their first impressions in less than five minutes of the meeting on the basis of general body language and our ability to project ourselves. In social as well as professional work situations, inevitably, packaging and etiquette is the only visible and available means of evaluating others.

With liberalization and globalization bringing in a train of new business opportunities involving overseas partnerships, joint ventures and tie-ups, there is an urgent need for Indian Managers to familiarize themselves with diverse cultures and their social decorum.

Bearing this need the Rhetorix Club at IIPM Lucknow organized a workshop on Corporate Power Dressing. The workshop was conducted by the known fashion designer Asma Hussain, who emphasized on the importance of dressing in the colorful corporate world to ensure casual and stylish flair. Asma Hussain also highlighted the key aspects of formal dressing by an elaborate presentation. It was a good educational experience for the students who were left clamoring and mesmerized


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