As the wings of economic liberalization spread, it encompasses in itself the globalization of Indian Economy, eliminating political boundaries and providing immense opportunities in a world wide scenario. Infrastructural development, healthcare and quality education, are spelled as the top priorities for a global India.

Thus, to further strengthen globalization and internationalization, IIPM Lucknow in collaboration with AIESEC Lucknow and SANMARG Events organized a seminar on “Global Exchange” on 27th July 2010. Student representatives from different nations (China, Russia, USA, Japan, Indonesia, and UK) took part in the event.

At the Exchange programme each of these individuals showcased their culture to everybody present while putting together an event that helped everyone to gain international perspective, learn about new cultures and help increase the cultural sensitivity among people.

The most mesmerizing part of the event was when IIPM students and the foreign student representatives got together to dance on a Punjabi number.


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