Executive communication at IIPM is one of the most coveted and sought after subject. Through EXCOM students explore a new foray of communication. In the process the students are sprinted through a series of activities which test their body language, team building and leadership skills. These exercises spark up their interests and eventually enhance their overall persona.

On 3rd August 2010 , the IIPMites of Lucknow were exposed to an enthralling presentation on “ Brand War”- Pizza hut vs Dominos conducted by the students of UG/FW/09-11, under the guidance of their  EXCOM faculty Mr. Ali Mustafa Rizvi . Preparation for this event had begun a week in advance and the campus was bustling with posters and other promotional campaigns of the respective brands.

An excellent promotional approach followed by a thorough professional yet entertaining presentation marked the end of this week long affair. The audience which included the students, faculties and employees from both the brands, gave an overwhelming response.


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