IIPM Lucknow in association with Young Force had the privilege of hosting Mr, Vinay Pratap Singh the Cluster Head (UP) of Radio Mirchi on campus. He talked about the careers in Media, various profiles available for fresh management graduates. He emphasized on the skill set required in media and explained this with the role of professionals in Radio Mirchi

On the later part the workshop analyzed the thought process behind the most creative advertisements and included the mental math that most advertisers used. Mr. Singh highlighted that most good advertisements tell a story and the ads which become memorable are the ones with a simple and engaging truth in them. “Every ad is an opportunity for the consumer to marry the brand”

With the marketing bunch in the audience aware of the strong nexus that marketers and advertisers have, questions on media and advertising flowed freely.

Having got a taste of the media sector from a person of Mr. Singh’s stature the students were left longing for more. The session ended with great applause and appreciation for Mr. Singh, who was very happy that students were taking keen interest in Media as a career, quite against the traditional norm. The session definitely gave the students an in-depth insight on a new field.

6/5/2012 03:11:21 pm

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