IIPM - Independence Day Celebrations
“At the stroke of midnight India will see a new dawn….” said Jawaharlal Nehru on the night of 14th August, 1947. Today we Indians celebrate that golden moment with the same unmatched enthusiasm that they did 63 years ago.

IIPM Lucknow joined the caravan of celebrations by hosting a function on 14th August 2010. The Students’ Council celebrated the Patriotic eve by participating in competitions like collage making and singing. The topic of Collage Making was “Swadeshi Marketing" and it was won by Vivek Pant and Khushboo Chatlani of  PGP/SS/10-12.
Besides this, to get the feel of the day, everyone had adorned the tricolors wherein the most creatively dressed students won awards for their dresses which matched the theme. The selected people had to perform as per their preferences i.e. sing, or speak on something in relevance to Independence Day.  Himanshu Singh of PGP/SS/10-12 bagged the title of Best Dressed Student.

We at IIPM believe that all work and no play makes an IIPMite a dull affair. So keeping this in our minds we decided to have another fun filled event in the calendar of IIPM Chennai. Yes, this time it was IYCN the rocking and environment conscious group in campus in search of the creative geniuses, smart orators, young entrepreneurs and what not, amongst the students of IIPM.

The theme for the event was “The future of green business”. There were exciting events such as “Slogan Writing”, “T-Shirt painting”, “Green Walk”, “New Product Development” and “Short film making”. As usual students of IIPM, Chennai showed the highest level of participation which got them roaring applause from the event organizers and coordinators.
It was a fitting theme and our students did full justice, not to forget that our Dean Prof. Krishnan himself designed quite a cool and green T-shirt!