Over the years, fevicol has thrived on tvcs that have reflected a subtle sense of humour. The fevicol marine tvc is a repeat. this brand hates watching good ideas die on the vine
Think about it. If someone were to ask you to quickly name five brands in the adhesives space in India, in all probability, Fevicol would make it to that list. An ordinary truth for a brand that has dominated the adhesive market in India for more than five decades. Except, this popularity didn’t come that easy. Besides being a brand that found the right buyer segment early on its life cycle, Fevicol has over the past three decades allowed the right quality and volume of advertising-led marketing to build good word of mouth for itself. Any branded product which controls 70%-plus market share in its segment in India has a future. So you’d reckon. But more importantly, such a cash cow is assumed to be many-a-mile short of entering the stagnation stage in its PLC. The Pidilite-owned 53 year-old Fevicol, continues to swagger along like a teenager, while wannabes have struggled and fallen – some were ignored by the carpenter community, while others shrivelled as the heat of competition wore on.

Two years back, Pidilite had extended the brand name Fevicol to launch a waterproof adhesive called Fevicol Marine. Many may not remember it. But so far, the product has been fairly well-received in a niche category. Having given the brand some breathing time, the company is back to increase awareness about it and make Fevicol Marine the top adhesive used in waterproof (ply)wood work and in kitchens across Indian homes. Experts claim that the company has even taken up the challenge to make Fevicol Marine bigger than other brands like Fevikwik and Fevistik, hoping that the act will help boost the parent brand (Fevicol). So what’s new on the table from Fevicol? A brand new TVC.

The TVC reminds the buyer community of Fevicol Marine’s adhesive strength, even in water. The tagline, “Wahi mazboot jod, paani mein bhi,” says it all. Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the TVC (which is scheduled to remain on air for a month starting the third week of September), is a masterstroke from the brand’s creative kitchen that serves a healthy concoction of humour and information. Though the storyline outlines the attraction between opposite genders, Fevicol continues to use emotional appeal in its ads to the bare minimum. Unlike what most Indian advertisers have practised for decades together.

Shot in Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur (Rajasthan), the TVC opens with a man (the protagonist) rowing a boat, filled with furniture (chairs). A Bengali folk song plays in the background. When an old man sitting on the shore asks for a ride, the protagonist refuses, signaling that there is no room on the boat. But when he sees a young lady requesting for help, he changes his mind, kicks a few chairs into the water and offers her a ride. When the woman points to her goat, he makes more space by throwing out more chairs. She finally insists that her haystack be taken too. He empties his boat completely. The final scene of the TVC shows the boatman ferrying the woman, her goat and the haystack, with the chairs (that are tied to the edge of the boat) floating and being pulled by the boat. The ad ends with a voice over, “Fevicol Marine. Wohi mazboot jod, paani mein bhi” [The same strong adhesive bond, even in water].
Shooting the ad wasn’t however an easy task, especially due to disruptions caused by strong winds and water current. Says Vivek Verma, VP – Account Management, Ogilvy Advertising, to 4Ps B&M, “The campaign showcases how a man changes his mind immediately after seeing a beautiful girl. There was humour. But the challenge for us was to keep the boat stationary during certain scenes, and also during intervals to allow it to float at a particular angle to get the right shot. We used two to three boats to control the main boat. The Ad-Director, Director of Photography and some crew members were on a catamaran and they too faced challenges due to the ad not being shot on land.”

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2013

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