In the cult documentary The Story of Stuff, environmental activist Annie Leonard accuses the society of becoming highly consumerist and purports that consumption today is a way of life for many sections. She implores the audience to realise that many social and environmental issues have their genesis in the rampant culture of consumerism, and that unless this cycle of consumerism is broken, the “finite world” – as she calls it – would not be able to coexist with the standards of commercial transactions today.

For all those people who believe in the quite convincing Ms. Leonard, we recommend a re-read of Ms. Naomi Klein’s treatise No Logo. And for all the rest unabashed and unashamed hedonistic lovers of consumerism, consumption and capitalism, 4Ps B&M in association with the Indian Council for Market Research (ICMR) brings the most exclusive survey of India’s Most Loved FMCG Brands!
Angshuman Paul & Savreen Gadhoke
IIPM - Independence Day Celebrations
“At the stroke of midnight India will see a new dawn….” said Jawaharlal Nehru on the night of 14th August, 1947. Today we Indians celebrate that golden moment with the same unmatched enthusiasm that they did 63 years ago.

IIPM Lucknow joined the caravan of celebrations by hosting a function on 14th August 2010. The Students’ Council celebrated the Patriotic eve by participating in competitions like collage making and singing. The topic of Collage Making was “Swadeshi Marketing" and it was won by Vivek Pant and Khushboo Chatlani of  PGP/SS/10-12.
Besides this, to get the feel of the day, everyone had adorned the tricolors wherein the most creatively dressed students won awards for their dresses which matched the theme. The selected people had to perform as per their preferences i.e. sing, or speak on something in relevance to Independence Day.  Himanshu Singh of PGP/SS/10-12 bagged the title of Best Dressed Student.

Music, Fun, Laughter and a rocking theme to add to it! PGP/FW/10-12/  & UGP/FW/ 10-13 witnessed the biggest & the most happening party at the voguish disc “Zero Degree” on 12th July 2010. IIPM, Lucknow hosted Moonwalk 2010 with a vivid “ Aqua Theme”, wherein the students had to be dressed in the colors of blue and green . The venue was filled with joy and color. The budding managers were loaded with oodles of talent, which could be clearly felt by their groovy dancing skills to start with, flaunting their lovely attires and thereby polishing their brand value!

The quite impressive performances, were in turn handsomely rewarded by way of  prizes including best dancer (male and female categories) and also for the best couple who set the show ablaze…Thanks to the overwhelming and stupefying effort of our DJ who made the  nightspot more promising!

As the festivity picked on the Mr. Fresher & Ms. Fresher contest results were given away. Mr. Amlan Ray, Dean IIPM Lucknow welcomed the batch and disclosed the names of the winners.  Mr. Akshat Khanna & Miss Saumya Dalela of UGP/FW /10-13 were awarded as Mr. Fresher & Ms. Fresher respectively. The party continued as the students hit the dance floor once again.
Hello IIPM!

Here’s an online activity to make your friends envy the cool college you all are a part of. We all have fond memories of our GOTA trips. The long nights and short days, late nights and early meetings. So here’s a chance to relive those unforgettable days of GOTA. All you have to do is share pictures of your trip on IIPM’s page on Facebook and win attractive prizes!

1st Prize – Rs 2500/-
2nd Prize – Rs 1000/-


Step 1 - Email your wackiest GOTA pictures with a cool caption as the name of the picture to gota.pictures@gmail.com And we will post them in an album named GOTA pictures (http://bit.ly/GotaPics) on IIPM’s Facebook Fan Page.

Step 2 - Late date to send in your entries is 26th September,2010 (11:59 PM).

Step 3 - Get your friends liking those pictures for you. The 2 pictures that get the maximum likes win attractive prizes !

Step 4 - Last date for your friends to like these pictures on Facebook is 4th October,2010, 2PM Sharp.
Rules and Regulations

1. Irrespective of the people present in the picture, the person who has mailed the picture first, will have his ownership on it.
2. Each picture will be posted only once. It’s a first cum first basis. So start hunting for the wackiest pictures now!
3. A student is allowed to send as many entries as he or she can.
4. Please don’t send in pictures larger than 2 MB in size.
We at IIPM believe that all work and no play makes an IIPMite a dull affair. So keeping this in our minds we decided to have another fun filled event in the calendar of IIPM Chennai. Yes, this time it was IYCN the rocking and environment conscious group in campus in search of the creative geniuses, smart orators, young entrepreneurs and what not, amongst the students of IIPM.

The theme for the event was “The future of green business”. There were exciting events such as “Slogan Writing”, “T-Shirt painting”, “Green Walk”, “New Product Development” and “Short film making”. As usual students of IIPM, Chennai showed the highest level of participation which got them roaring applause from the event organizers and coordinators.
It was a fitting theme and our students did full justice, not to forget that our Dean Prof. Krishnan himself designed quite a cool and green T-shirt!
IIPM in association with its Strategic Management Group (SMG) conducted a seminar for HR aspirants, at NCUI auditorium on 13th  August 2010. The note of the seminar was on -“Strategies to Re-focus, Re-engage and Re-energize employees for company’s quick recovery from the Recession.” 

The list of delegate speakers included corporate dignitaries like Mr. Anuj Taneja (HR Head, HDFC Bank), Mr Anand Pillai (Sr Vice President & Global Head- Quality and Talent Transformation at HCL technologies.), Mr Deepak Bahl (HR Head, Eros), Mr Rajesh Verma (HR Head, Max Health Care), Ms Neha Sharma ( HR Manager, Lloyd Ventures), Mr Kamal Kumar ( Sr. GM, Recruitment & Training, dhanuka Agritech Ltd.), Mr Arindam Nath (Head Consulting Partner, Planman HR).

The seminar had all the speakers enlightening the students by sharing anecdotes. Through their speeches they emphasized on the importance of retaining talent – which is one of the major challenges the HR industry faces today. They addressed various nuances of HR. From looking into balance sheets to ‘breaking all rules’, the seminar was a roller coaster ride.

The seminar was one of the initiatives under the Corporate Interface Program (2010-11). Under the aegis of this program IIPM has partnered with organizations like Pepsico, Colgate & Palmolive, Google INC, Berger Paints, Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, HSBC Bank, Oracle Corporation, Bharti Telecom, ADAG, HDFC Bank, ICICI, UB Group, Zee Enterprises, E Value Serve, Copal Partners, Standard Chartered, Mahindra, Hewlett Packard, DLF, Yamaha, Suzuki and many for Guest lectures and Seminars.

It was attended by about 200 students specializing in Human Resource.
Orientation Day at IIPM is a new beginning for aspiring achievers, upcoming leaders and tomorrow’s CEOs. IIPM Lucknow conducted the auspicious ceremony on 21st August 2010 for its Fall Winter UG and PG batches.
The event started with lighting the lamp of knowledge followed by welcome speech. In the welcome speech; Dean- IIPM, Lucknow, Prof. Amlan Ray briefed the students about the exciting campus life ahead and requirements in academics.

It was a very special day for every IIPM member as many young minds were joining the family. The new students were introduced to the institute by Prof. Rajat Shukal, Dean- Placements All India Strategic Management Group. Besides, there were intellectual insights on education and the benefits of joining IIPM from other senior faculty members Mr Ashok Dhall and Mrs Shilpi Saxena.
New Delhi: Someone had once quoted, “It is worth walking the extra mile, if at the end of it you know you have brought about a change.” With the same fervor, The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM)  also decided to walk the extra mile to reach out to one of the greatest social and civil rights activists of the present times – Irom Chanu Sharmila. A 3-member team from IIPM, led by its Founder-Director, Dr. M K Chaudhuri recently visited Sharmila in her room at the high-security ward of the government-run Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital at Porompat in Imphal East to confer upon her the IIPM-Rabindranath Tagore Peace Prize. The award, consisting of a gold medal, a citation and a prize amount of Rs. 51 lacs (over USD 100,000) acknowledges her selfless and determined struggle to restore peace and justice in Manipur.

Accepting the award, a visibly emotional Sharmila commented, “My struggle is not for awards or money. My struggle is for peace and justice. I will not be happy until my goal is achieved.” She added, “I want the creation of an international fund by an international body for dispensing justice and I want to donate the cash award to such a fund.”

An equally emotional Dr. M K Chaudhuri, Founder Director – IIPM and Chairman, IIPM Awards Committee stated, “It makes me feel so proud and satisfied to come in touch with Sharmila. She is truly a living legend - a crusader who has selflessly struggled to bring about peace and justice in her land. She should be looked up as an icon for one and all, who has never swayed away from her vision. We all at IIPM salute her for her courage and grit and will continue to extend moral support to her cause.”

IIPM over the years has instituted various awards to recognize people from different walks of life, who have contributed in their own fields and have tried to become an element of change for the society at large. This year in April, IIPM instituted the Manavata Vikas Award, which was given out to people who have worked in the socio-political domain and in the fields of people centric economics and people-centric management. The awardees included academicians like Dr Ashok Sanjay Guha and Prof Sunanda Sanyal, popular columnists like Gurcharan Das and Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar and social thinkers like painter Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya, Medha Patkar and Mahasweta Devi. In May once again, IIPM instituted the Rabindra Smriti Puraskar in Kolkata and honored some of the greatest individuals who have contributed in spreading Rabindranath’s consciousness through their works among the general mass – actor Soumitra Chatterjee, singer Suchitra Mitra, social visionary Dr Tushar Kanjilal and novelist Selina Hossain of Bangladesh. Once again on 30th August 2010, IIPM declared the USD 100,000 Surama Chowdhury Memorial International Award in Literature, awarding Khaled Hosseini for his depiction of socio-political life in a war ravaged Afghanisthan in his novel – A Thousand Splendid Suns. There were many other awards given out on the same evening in areas of Journalism, Literature and Social Contribution.