The next battle in the epic war between the Apple and Google is about to begin with Apple unveiling its iAds feature some time back that, for the first time, will allow advertisers to put their ads near apps made specifically for iPhone and iPad. This will, in effect give Apple additional revenue streams and capture the fast rising mobile advertising market. Apple already sold $60 million worth of iAds to companies like Disney and Unilever a little before the formal unveiling of iAds to the developer community. On the other hand, Google with its “mobile first” approach, already has its Adsense feature on its Android phones but it is still clinging to the lead generation factor that works on the same model as its search results on its internet search engine. While Apple plans to pass on 60% of the revenue generated to developers, Google has hinted at a 50:50 sharing approach. Who will win this epic battle still is some distance away but innovation, creativity and better IT and communication choices is making consumers emerge the ultimate winner.

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09/08/2011 11:01pm

It's hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple. Billions upon billions of dollars. Entire industries at stake. This is the board. These are the pieces.
If you think about it, what's shocking isn't the size of Microsoft or Apple, companies that are decades old, established titans of industry (even if they have stumbled in the past)—it's Google. In just over 10 years, Google's become arguably the most important company on the web, spreading to anything the internet touches with astonishing speed, almost like a virus: From the web and search to books, video, mobile phones, operating systems, and soon, your TV. Friends have become enemies, enemies more paranoid. And you know, it's only a matter of time before Google's remaining gaps on this map are filled out. (BTW, you can click on the picture to make it bigger.)

09/08/2011 11:06pm

Remember those simple bygone days when Google and Apple were friends, united by their common archrival Microsoft? Yeah, those days are gone. This year the two companies declared war. Google released the Nexus One, and Apple released iAd, each a direct assault on the other company’s core business. And that’s just the start, writes Jay Yarow of Business Insider. He peers into the crystal ball and predicts the next big showdowns.

09/08/2011 11:10pm

Apple and Google have never been known as the best of friends. However, in the last few months, the two technology heavyweights have faced-off against each other in numerous battles. There’s no doubt that both these companies are engaged in a titanic rivalry which spans multiple issues, domains and technologies.

09/08/2011 11:16pm

Google’s primary strength is search. Though the company may have several other bestsellers, millions of people still know Google because of its fantastic search engine. Therefore, it’s understandable that Google wants to extend its search dominance to the mobile industry as well. Therefore, it acquired AdMob, a specialist mobile advertising firm for a whopping $750 million last year. Though Apple was considered to be a strong contender for AdMob acquisition, Google surprised everyone by pocketing the deal at the last moment.
Apple immediately switched to Plan-B and acquired Quattro Wireless, another mobile advertising company for $275 million earlier this year. The move is aimed at curbing the progress of Google-AdMob in soon to explode mobile advertising sector.


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