The success of a product and subsequently its brand is predominantly measured by the market share it garners. However, if a non-leader is able to achieve the status of a preferred and most recalled brand, it has already won the battle

4Ps B&M in association with ICMR (Indian Council for Market Research) conducted a survey on India’s Most Loved FMCG Brands amongst 950 respondents across five Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai – using a structured questionnaire and a random sampling technique. The FMCG segment was further sub-categorised and brands under them were mentioned. Most sub-categories have been considered but due to time constraint, certain sub-categories have not been covered under the purview of the survey like home utility products such as home foils, tissues, match boxes, et al.

The survey in these cities was conducted with SEC-A and B segments. The respondents were asked their top of the mind recalled brand under different FMCG product categories. They were also asked to name their preferred brands. The respondent profiling was done based on the segment being interviewed for. Take for instance the category of shaving creams/after shave lotions, where the survey was conducted amongst males only. The age-group of the respondents was also kept in mind considering that the respondent is preferably a user and buyer of the different products. 7% respondents were below 21 years of age, 12% between 21-30 years, 39% between 31-40 years and 42% above 40 years of age.

It is important to note that since the survey was based on two parameters – recall and preference – therefore, in certain categories, the responses may be surprising considering the fact that the respondents have mentioned their preferred brand and not necessarily the brand they actually use. For instance, in the segment of hair oils, it was surprising to note that though Dabur Amla was a highly preferred brand as per the ICMR survey, as per statistics, Parachute Hair Oil has the largest market share of 48% while Dabur Hair Oil (which has Dabur Vatika and Dabur Amla in its portfolio) has the second largest market share of 18%. It is still interesting to note that Dabur Amla Hair Oil commands 72% in the amla-based hair oil category, and hence is a preferred brand.

Head-ICMR Team: Shivalee K. Sharma
Coordinators: T. Shankar Rao, Ankit Srivastava, Somanjan Bandyopadhyay

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