The boom in media, in terms of content as well as different channels, is a double edged sword for marketers. To make it cut the right way, it is important to understand the broad direction in consumption patterns, with customers as well as advertisers clamouring for their attention. 4Ps B&M gives you the top 10 trends marketers should focus on to ensure that they do not miss the bus

The human mind. Quaint, curious, complex, confident, confounded and most of all observant. Certainly, the gamut of the human mind is such that one can’t possibly be assertive enough to be able to pinpoint its various intricacies at any given point of time. Marketers know very well that every strategy they adopt will fail with a good chunk of their target audience due to this fact. But by understanding the course of trends and capitalising on them in time, they can definitely hope to maximise their success rate. While media and society play a great role in shaping each other, for marketers, media is a double edged sword. If they are unable to tap the right media vehicle and/or develop the right communication strategy at any given point in time, they can end up far behind in the marketplace. But to do so, it is extremely important to know how media and media consumption patterns are evolving in their target markets. In cognisance of this fact, 4Ps B&M presents to you the 10 indispensable trends that are shaping media consumption in India, a list prepared through extensive research of consumers as well as interactions with top marketing brains of the country.

TV and Newspapers will live on. Decide what you want.
An average Indian, like anybody else on this planet, has just 24 hours a day at his disposal. In that span of time, myriad modes of communication try to reach him through ultra-myriad channels. Of these, the traditional ones are television and newspapers. According to KPMG analysis of the Indian media & entertainment industry, TV & print have experienced a sizable growth in the last few years. Where the newspaper industry has had a 6% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) in the last four years, television has grown by double that figure (12% CAGR). If one is to believe in projections made by the same source, TV would be occupying half of the overall M&E industry by 2015 and newspapers would be just second in power. Agrees Vijay Nair, MD, Only Much Louder (OML), when he says, “Whatever progress technology may witness, you are still going to read or flip through the pages of a newspaper everyday and you will always have one daily soap or prime time show that you would watch with or without your family”. As per the PwC Entertainment & Media Report 2010, print advertising remained the largest segment in the advertising industry at 46% followed by TV with 41% share.
Cricket is the religion
Beyond the winning mirth, there’s a lot more that one can take away from India’s victory at ICC WC, 2011. And that would be the lesson on skillfully marketing your brand during the cricket season. According to numbers provided by Experian Hitwise, the traction to sports and cricket websites was 6 times high. And the same research showed that brands like LG, ESPN, Star Sports, Castrol and Yahoo made the most of this traction and succeeded in getting a marketing fillip for their brands. And if you own a brand and are reading this, there should be no reason why you should not think about taking up an opportunity of leveraging on India’s most worshipped religion. Even though we now have the IPL going on, another survey showed that viewers’ inclination was more skewed towards the World Cup and less towards the yearly IPL (whose viewership ratings, incidentally, have fallen – see Bizz Buzz section earlier in this issue – but are expected to rise again near the finals). But that hasn’t stopped a bevy of brands from marketing during the IPLs, and nor should it stop you, more so as the World Cup comes but only once in four years while the IPL is there a dime a dozen!


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