Leonid Musatov, Chief Marketing Officer, SSTL
Apart from pricing what are other differentiators for MTS?
For us, Value added services (VAS) are a very big differentiating factor and we are seeing a lot of traction on the same as of now. Earlier it was only SMS that was really very popular but now with the introduction of data there has been a lot of attraction coming from customers and we feel that with time it would only go up.

You have some special plans for CRBT. What are your expectations from the same?
Yes, we have a lot of interesting options bundled in for our customers for VAS usage. Right now, we are quite excited to offer our customers a bonus for helping us reach the hallmark of 5 million customers and hope they would like the offering.

Do you think that the tariffs have bottomed up?
No, there’s still a lot of scope. When you look at it from the customer’s perspective you look at the overall value that one can derive and tariff is just a part. What the customer is really looking into is how much value for his money that he can get, which to him is how many times in the month does he need to recharge. And our recherché vouchers last for a longer time than our competitors for sure.

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10/08/2011 10:06pm

Consumers can look forward to further slashing of mobile tariffs, especially SMS, with the Trai opting against any tariff regulation.
Last year, the offer of a pay-per-second plan by a new operator triggered off a price war, leading to charges of predatory pricing by some telecom operators. Around the same time, a TOI report of November 5 had exposed that SMS costs are a fraction of a paise while consumers are charged between 50 paise to Rs 1.50 to send SMSes. Both these developments invited the attention of the regulator.

10/08/2011 10:13pm

Now Aircel customers in Bihar & Jharkhand can enjoy the benefits of new Postpaid Minute Plans from the available new 4 Plans which offer Free Minute, Unlimited Pocket Internet Data Usage, Free Caller Tune Service, Free Local & National SMS and All Roaming Calls on Aircel Network at Rs. 0.01p per minute. The new Per Minute Plans starts at Rs. 449 (Monthly Rental). Also you can Carry forward your unconsumed minutes to next bill cycle. i.e if you are not able to consume your Easy minutes in one bill cycle then the remaning/unconsumed minutes will be forwarded to next bill cycle so that you can consume the Easy minutes in the next bill cycle.

10/08/2011 10:21pm

Since 1984, MTS’s telecommunications expense management solutions have been used by thousands of enterprises and organizations to ensure that their telecommunication services are acquired, provisioned, and invoiced correctly. In addition, MTS TEM Suite has provided customers with a complete view of telecommunication expenses, usage, proactive budget control, personal call management, and employee cost awareness while enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of strategic assets that drive key business processes and crucial competitive advantage. The MTS software, consulting and managed services solutions provide professionals at every level of the organization with rapid access to concise, actionable data.

10/08/2011 10:29pm

"The installed system will help us to distribute MTS products and services and engage customers in the exploring of new services more effectively," said Aleksander Popovskiy, head of Network Services for MTS Russia. "In addition, MTS will demonstrate flexibility in retaining customers by offering them attractive tariffs and services. Social network analysis will ultimately have a positive impact, reducing our subscriber churn."

10/08/2011 10:31pm

MTS enables mobile subscribers to have prepaid virtual wallets
associated to their mobile account from where they can pay goods and
utilities, or send money to family and friends, gaining security by
reducing real money transactions with an electronic transaction.


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