B. Surender, Senior Vice-President and National Sales Head, 93.5 Red FM
How lucrative is radio as a medium for advertising?
It is very lucrative. But what we need to ensure is that it should be used properly. The intensity is what matters when it comes to advertising on radio. Whether you use it as a brand-builder or a multiplier along with other mediums such as television or the Internet, it works fantastically. The ROI always turns out to be better on radio as compared to other mediums. It is a value for money investment. There’s no doubt about it. But there are certain basic things that an advertiser should understand. There is a particular intensity of usage below which radio does not give required returns. So investment in radio should never be made in a casual way. Creative usage of this medium is also something that is very important. In some cases, you can use creatives that are being used on other mediums, say television. But in most cases, you have to change the creatives to suit the listening pattern of listeners.

How do you decide the placements of ads?
Usually, this is decided by the ad agency. Nevertheless, we do give suggestions on the placements. For example, if you want to catch the young office-going men and women, then we suggest the morning and evening driving time band. Similarly, if your target listener is a homemaker, then afternoons or late mornings should be the preferred time slot.

Which time band do you consider as prime time when it comes to radio?
For radio, I would not consider a particular time band as prime time. Radio definitely reaches a much broader listener base but unlike television, it doesn’t have a particular time band which could be labeled as prime time.

The creatives that you came up with for your clients are very interesting. Are they done by the in-house team or are they outsourced?
99% of the time, the creatives are done by the in-house team. We believe that creativity is at the heart of 93.5 Red FM. Infact, different companies outsource our services in the domain of creatives.

How important do you think are BTL activities for promotion of a radio station?
I think they are extremely critical, because radio as medium is a great multiplier and since this medium has a mass reach, BTL goes extremely well with it. Plus, BTL has live experiential element attached to it, which advertisers view as extremely important. For example, you can create a direct experience in front of a few thousand people using a BTL activity and if you put this on air, then you can share the experience with millions of people within a fraction of a minute.

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09/08/2011 10:09pm

Most of the big brands are following the suit of BTL promotion because of rising prices of media-based promotion, advertising clutter and increased impulse purchasing.
Some of the interesting examples are:
Most of the educational institutes like Career Launcher, Time and PT are holding informative workshops and free tests for students which give a direct interaction of these institutes with the target customer, and hence, a suitable platform to sell themselves.

09/08/2011 10:10pm

Most of the pharmacy companies do BTL promotion by getting shelf-space through doctors to display their products or by giving away free calcium tablets again through doctors, knowing that for a patient a personal advise from a doctor would hold more value as compared to a commercial advertisement.

subhash kumar
09/08/2011 10:12pm

09/08/2011 10:15pm

The terms BTL promotion or communication, refers to forms of non-media communication (Requires use of manpower- Fleet on street kinds). BTL promotions are becoming increasingly important within the communications mix of most organizations, across FMCG, Services,Healthcare or Manufacturing.

17/08/2011 3:11am

As Internet radio services such as Pandora grow and mobile broadband connections get better, the market for targeted programming - and advertising - during the commute hours gets more interesting.

17/08/2011 3:12am

I remember arguing at the time that a combined XM and Sirius would hardly create some sort of evil monopoly that would prompt listeners to dump AM or FM for XM. Listeners, especially those in a car, had plenty of options, the iPod connected to the car being the biggest at the time.

17/08/2011 3:13am

`There is nothing more irritating than listening to commercials or radio DJ's that are nothing more than just noise.

17/08/2011 3:17am

Radio advertising cost is perhaps the most obvious and important of the top three characteristics of radio advertising that makes it a very attractive advertising vehicle. On both creative development and media costs, radio beats TV by a significant margin. Where the most simple and least expensive TV spot ad will easily cost well over $50,000 and take months to produce, you can have a radio spot developed for less than $1,500... in a matter of days or weeks.

17/08/2011 3:18am

An advertising medium must reach your target customers or it provides no benefit. Radio has a wide-scale appeal to consumers. Even with the alternatives available today, listening patterns appear to be stable, indicating that radio remains a popular consumer choice.

17/08/2011 3:20am

Radio buyers purchase a wide variety and growing number of products, ranging from vitamins and nutritional supplements to CD's/music, and health and beauty items such as hair care, skin care, and weight loss/diet products. Other stable radio advertising categories include household cleaning products, kitchen/cookware products, financial, and travel offerings. We've also seen a growing trend toward using radio advertising to drive online traffic as well as support retail sales.

17/08/2011 3:22am

In the early 1920s, the first radio stations were established by radio equipment manufacturers and retailers who offered programs in order to sell more radios to consumers. As time passed, many non-profit organizations followed suit in setting up their own radio stations, and included: schools, clubs and civic groups.[5] When the practice of sponsoring programs was popularised, each individual radio program was usually sponsored by a single business in exchange for a brief mention of the business' name at the beginning and end of the sponsored shows

17/08/2011 3:23am

radio station owners soon realised they could earn more money by selling sponsorship rights in small time allocations to multiple businesses throughout their radio station's broadcasts, rather than selling the sponsorship rights to single businesses per show.

17/08/2011 3:24am

"But there are plenty of others who are shifting from one channel to the next in hopes of finding a tune that will make that sea of brake lights a bit less stressful.

17/08/2011 3:26am

Radio advertising is a form of advertising via the medium of radio. Radio advertisements are broadcast as radio waves to the air from a transmitter to an antenna and a thus to a receiving device. Airtime is purchased from a station or network in exchange for airing the commercials. While radio has the limitation of being restricted to sound, proponents of radio advertising often cite this as an advantage.

17/08/2011 3:28am

Radio is an expanding medium that can be found not only on air, but also online. According to Arbitron, radio has approximately 241.6 million weekly listeners, or more than 93 percent of the U.S. population.


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