Aamir Khan talks about the rising popularity of social networking websites and his marketing mantra with 4Ps B&M
Do Aamir and social networking websites go hand-in-hand?
Social networking websites are very much popular among the Indian youth. I have just started using Facebook a little these days and I use it to stay in touch with my fans.

But Twitter is still missing from the list?
What do you think, should I be present on Twitter (smiles)? Actually, I was in London recently and Amitji had invited me for dinner. He asked me to join Twitter; and you know, it’s very difficult to say no to him, especially because of his voice one cannot say no to him (laughs). I have just returned and am trying to learn the nuances of Twitter.

Will you be in a new avatar in your forthcoming film Dhobhi Ghat?
You will get to know that soon.

How do you finalise brands that you endorse?
I always look at associating with products that I can relate with myself. It should be a brand that gels well with my image. More importantly, I should also be able to use that product myself –only then would I be able to sell it to others.


10/08/2011 1:50am

Twitter- the micro blogging site is one of the most talked about sites. From becoming the ‘Word of the year’ in 2009 to its partnership with Google, Twitter was constantly in the headlines. A number of Indian celebrities from writer- politician Shashi Tharoor to film actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan used Twitter to connect with their fans. India is the second highest Twitter using nation, accounting for 8 percent of the site traffic.

10/08/2011 10:43pm

Aamir Khan was the subject of ridicule on Amitabh Bachchan’s blog when he wrote that ‘they repeatedly taunt my modesty, for, it worries them how my vocabulary does not entertain immodesty. They chuckle and snigger at this act of mine as my greatest performance, for, they are not qualified enough to judge what an actual creative performance comprises of. They hide behind contrived self- aggrandized confabulations, to cover and protect their own deficiency, for they know in the dark of the night, behind closed doors, when they shall unmask themselves, they shall be saved from the horror of their own real shadow!!’

10/08/2011 10:47pm

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan knows how to maintain healthy relations with staffers and be there with them in their good and bad times. This has showed again that the actor is a complete star but makes a very good boss too. The moment Aamir learnt about one of his staff member's nuptials, he put all his preceding commitments to the side to become a part of the wedding.

10/08/2011 10:49pm

Aamir Khan has been actively promoting DELHI BELLY through social networking sites. It will be for the first time that Aamir will share screen space with 'Bhanja' Imran Khan but only in the movie promos. Aamir has promoted the movie through Facebook which is used by one and all. This strategy has helped DELHI BELLY to connect with the youth and make them go for it. The promos don’t reveal a lot about the story and hence it is pulling the audience to go for the movie. Aamir Khan is also seen abusing in the recent promotion video of the movie.
DELHI BELLY has been in controversy off late because of the abuses used in the songs of the movie. But I’m sure Aamir Khan will cover it up with his out of the box promotion strategy.


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